The Student Diversity Programs team provides a variety of trainings and workshops to help you expand your cultural competency and be a more inclusive member of the Georgia Tech community. Here you'll find information about our upcoming trainings that are open to the community. You can also request a custom training for your campus group at the link below.

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Spring 2023

Implicit Bias

Join us for a conversation about implicit bias. Participants will learn about the sources of implicit bias and how micro-aggressions are the actions resulting from bias. Finally, participants will learn how to mitigate bias and how to make their organizations more inclusive.

Did I Say That? Exploring Microaggressions & Microtriggers 

During this interactive workshop, participants will become more aware of the significant impact their words and actions (as well the “little things” they intentionally or unintentionally do) have on other people. In addition, participants will begin to deal with micro-inequities and micro-triggers in a forum where they are safely brought to the forefront for discussion. Participants will develop skills and strategies to send constructive messages and respond more effectively to negative messaging that can undermine productivity