The Student Diversity Programs team provides a variety of trainings and workshops to help you expand your cultural competency and be a more inclusive member of the Georgia Tech community. Below you'll find information about our upcoming trainings that are open to the community. You can also request a custom training for your campus group at the link below.

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Spring 2023

Social Justice Training

This highly interactive and engaging training will expand participant's skills regarding the concept and ideals of social justice. Participants will:

  • Understand what social justice means for our campus and why Georgia Tech is committed to developing an inclusive campus environment for all staff and students.
  • Recognize the breadth of diversity on campus, explore their own social group memberships, and engage in authentic conversations about the dynamics of difference on campus.
  • Discuss common campus dynamics and deepen awareness of the types of non-inclusive situations that occur on campus.
  • Understand the role and responsibility of all staff members to create culturally competent programs and services that support the success of all community members.

Faculty & Staff Only

  • March 9; 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; Student Success Center, Press Room B. Register Here

Students Only

  • March 10; 3:00pm – 6:00pm, John Lewis Student Center, Peachtree Room. Register Here
Implicit Bias

Join us for a conversation about implicit bias. Participants will learn about the sources of implicit bias and how micro-aggressions are the actions resulting from bias. Finally, participants will learn how to mitigate bias and how to make their organizations more inclusive.

  • February 8; 1pm – 3pm, John Lewis Student Center, Teachwood Room Register Here
  • February 23; 10am –12pm, John Lewis Student Center, Peachtree Room. Register Here
Blue-Eyes, Brown-Eyes: Linking Perception to Performance 

Explores how bias and perception impact people’s thoughts and behaviors - which leads to differences in treatment - resulting in differences in performance and productivity.  Utilizing an updated version of the classic Jane Elliot video, Blue-Eyes/Brown-Eyes, participants are gently encouraged to contemplate whether they may be creating exclusive work environments as well as their responsibility in eliminating "isms" in the workplace.

  • April 11; 9am –12pm, Student Success Center, President Suite A. Register Here
Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Building an effective team takes a great deal of intentional work, and measurable results do not happen overnight. This workshop is based on the work by Patrick Lencioni, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.” Lencioni gives us great insight into why teams fail. On the other hand, he believes these dysfunctions can be overcome. Whether you want to unify your student organization or you desire to be successful in your junior or senior design group, this workshop is for you. Check out this workshop if you want to ensure your team achieves cohesiveness and productivity to accomplish the goals you set out to achieve.

  • April 20; 4pm – 6pm, John Lewis Student Center, Techwood Room. Register Here
Leading with a DEI Lens

Student leaders should leave the workshop with a practical understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and they will be equipped with practical strategies for promoting DEI within their organization and/or work teams. In addition, participants will understand how DEI are vital for developing leadership, community, and collaboration.

  • April 4; 4pm – 6pm, John Lewis Student Center, Castleberry Room. Register Here
Did I Say That? Exploring Microaggressions & Microtriggers 

During this interactive workshop, participants will become more aware of the significant impact their words and actions (as well the “little things” they intentionally or unintentionally do) have on other people. In addition, participants will begin to deal with micro-inequities and micro-triggers in a forum where they are safely brought to the forefront for discussion. Participants will develop skills and strategies to send constructive messages and respond more effectively to negative messaging that can undermine productivity.

  • March 1; 1pm –3pm, John Lewis Student Center, Techwood Room  Register Here


The trainings below are facilitated by Kay Martinez, Director of Diversity & Inclusion Education & Training.

(Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

For The Greater Good

This 90 minute workshop creates a space for participants to reflect on their social identities and the intersections of their identities. Participants will leave with an understanding of the terms Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Georgia Tech's strategic priorities

Brave Dialogues

This 90 minute workshop introduces participants to Intergroup Dialogue and the Brave Spaces framework. Participants will learn more about multipartial facilitation strategies and ways to create dialogue across differences.