National Coallition Building Institute

Georgia Tech NCBI Chapter

Georgia Tech is a campus affiliate of the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI). Our chapter was created the weekend of January 16-18, 1999. Approximately 70 faculty, staff and students participated in the Train-the Trainer.

The overall goal of NCBI is to facilitate coalition building across campuses and communities. Campus Director, Stephanie Ray was trained while serving as Coordinator for Multicultural Programs at Georgia Southern University in 1994. It is important to note that Emory University and Agnes Scott College also have active chapters.

An NCBI campus affiliate is made up of a team of students, faculty and staff from various disciplines who provide a powerful leadership resource for the campus.


Our team provides pro-active workshops to improve the overall climate for diversity by building a more inclusive environment and teaches skills in how to effectively shift prejudicial attitudes and be powerful allies for one another. The team is also trained to intervene when tough intergroup conflict arises on the camps or between the campus and the community. Members of the campus team receive ongoing training and support at NCBI’s Annual National Campus Conference held at Columbia University.

A student group or department may schedule a NCBI training for a half day or a full day. These programs are free to the GT community. An off-campus group may schedule training for a reasonable rate.

For more information about NCBI or to schedule training, email Stephanie Ray. You may also go to for additional information.