Amy Dao

Computer Science

Amy Dao is a 4th year Computer Science major from Powder Springs, GA. During her time at Georgia Tech, she has served on the executive boards of the Asian American Student Association and the Vietnamese Student Association. She currently works as a Lead Student Assistant for Career Services in the Office of Outreach, Enrollment, and Community in the College of Computing. In her free time, Amy enjoys developing websites, traveling, and trying new restaurants.

What has been your favorite thing you've been involved with on campus and why?
My favorite thing that I have been involved with on campus was serving on the executive board of the Vietnamese Student Association. Through the organization I have met countless amazing people, not only at Georgia Tech but from all over the southeast region of the US. It's incredible meeting and bonding with such friendly and loving people and hearing about the impact they have made on their respective communities.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, what would you like others to know about you?
I have always been interested in what people are thinking; I always wonder what their beliefs and opinions are and what the reasoning behind their stance is. Sometimes I even ask people questions that may be a little too personal, but I’m just curious! I love learning about others and finding and discussing the commonalities and differences between our lives. It opens my eyes to new perspectives, and helps me to better understand and appreciate the world and the people on it.