Multicultural Resource Calendar

The Multicultural Resource Calendar™ does not purport to be all-inclusive, but rather seeks to highlight people, holidays, and events that may have been historically overlooked.

The calendar includes entries for over 100 different countries. Entries include birthday, cultural/historical events, days of religious observance, and public holidays. Months that have been declared by either presidential or congressional proclamation to reflect particular themes are also designated.

The selection of events is a sampling. The choices of what to include reflect the judgments of the publisher, editor, and representative of various cultures and religions. For historical figures, they have included only those people who are no longer alive, using their birthdays when known or the day of their death.

They have also included a Resource Section with detailed information about most events to encourage an informed awareness of these events that will make interactions with other cultures an experience of learning, appreciation and mutual respect.

Some entries include a section on ‘Recognizing the Festival/Holiday.’ This provides information about how someone who is unfamiliar with the customs of a particular culture or religion may join in recognizing the event. Many entries also include a guide on how to pronounce the name of an entry.

The Office has purchased a licensing agreement from DIVERSITYresources, Inc. This calendar is only accessible by Georgia Tech faculty, staff and students. The GT Community can access the calendar by using their Georgia Tech log-in information.

If you have difficulty accessing the calendar please contact (404) 894-2561.