Hexagons in purple, GT gold, blues and greens. The text reads Diversity Through the Arts.

The Office of Student Diversity is committed to diversity in all of its forms.

Exploring the concepts of diversity and social justice through the arts is a way for students to engage in meaningful dialogue around difficult topics.

We strive to present multicultural visual and performing arts programs to educate our campus community about our diverse student body.

The goals of the program are as follows:

  • We are committed to offering students the opportunity to learn more about GT diversity by attending cultural performances on and off-campus.
  • We offer students the opportunity to learn more about self and others.
  • We expose our study body to the best ideas and practices of diverse artists.
  • We are committed to strengthening our student’s leadership skills by giving them the opportunity to direct artistic productions.
Four women on a stage. An illustration of a woman with butterflies as her hair in the background.