Hexagons in purple, GT gold, blues and greens. The text reads Spirituality.

The Institute has over 40 student organizations that define themselves as spiritual or religious. These organizations offer a plethora of opportunities for students to engage in fun, fellowship, leadership, and service. In addition, over one-half of the chaplains representing these organizations have campus affiliate status with the Division of Student Engagement and Well Being and enhance the campus’ spiritual life by fostering interaction among Tech’s various communities of faith and by serving the spiritual needs of the entire community. In a recent survey, campus chaplains reported they had over 8,000 students participating in their programs.

Campus chaplains support the Institute by supporting students and families in crisis, serving on committees, presenting reflections at Institute events, and providing a listening ear to our students. Six of the organizations own buildings on campus and provide programs for student growth and development.

The Division of Student Engagement and Well-Being supports students from all faith and non-faith based backgrounds. Each fall, John M. Stein, the AVP for Student Engagement & Well-Being and Brandt-Fritz Dean of Students Chair, hosts a lunch for the chaplains to show appreciation for their service to Tech and to provide them with a campus update.

Religious Diversity is just one dimension of diversity and representation on campus. In the past few years, several new initiatives and programs were implemented to educate our community about religious diversity. For example, the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts partnered with Emory University’s Candler School of Theology to create the Leadership and Multifaith Program (LAMP). As a result, students will be able to enroll in new courses that will better prepare them to lead in a complex and multifaith world.

Additionally, The Division of Student Engagement and Well-Being has supported students attending the president’s national gathering on interfaith and service and Interfaith Youth Core’s Interfaith Leadership Institute in Atlanta, GA. The goal is to increase respect for GT’s diverse religious and non-religious communities.

Spiritual Organizations

Below we're providing a list of the organizations that are active according to Engage on the date this page was published. Please note that this list changes frequently hence you will find the most recent list at their site.

  • Alpha Delta Chi
  • Alpha Epsilon Pi 
  • Alpha Omega Campus Ministry
  • BAPS Campus Fellowship
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministries
  • Campus Outreach
  • Catholic Student Organization
  • Chabad Jewish Student Organization
  • Chi Alpha
  • Chinese Christian Fellowship
  • Christian Campus Fellowship
  • Christian Students
  • Cru
  • Fellowship of Christian Graduate Students
  • Global Medical Missions Alliance
  • God's Influence Flowing Through Every Disciple
  • Hillel 
  • Hindu Youth of Unity, Virtues and Action
  • Influence29
  • International Youth Fellowship
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Journey Christian Fellowship
  • Latter-Day Saints Student Association
  • Lutheran Campus Ministry
  • Meditation Club
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Midtown Campus Ministry
  • Muslim Student Association
  • The Navigators at Georgia Tech
  • Operations Seventh-Day Adventist
  • Reformed University Fellowship
  • Students for Christ
  • Tathagata Buddhist Student Association
  • Tau Alpha Omega
  • The Nichiren Buddhist Student Association
  • Veritas Forum
  • Tech Wesley
  • The Way Campus Fellowship
  • Westminster Christian Fellowship
  • Youth Evangelical Fellowship