Barry Johnson-Smith

Barry Johnson-Smith is a 4th Year Computer Engineering student from Lawrenceville, GA. He is currently the Vice President of Georgia Tech Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers and the Co-Chair for the Cultural Diversity Affairs Committee for SGA. Since his sophomore year being involved in MLK Student Celebration Committee and Diversity Ambassador, Barry has been committed to understanding and appreciating the  different identities of Students on Campus.  He desires to learn about different groups, the issues they face, and how he can best help him. With organizations he been a part of he strives to have programs and events that are inclusive and welcoming to all students on campus. Now in his role in SGA he desire to teach other organizations about the different cultures and identities on campus and assist them on making their events more inclusive to all Georgia Tech students, so students will feel welcomed wherever they go to on campus.

What have you done to advance/increase inclusion on campus?
As my time in SGA I created in Inclusivity Flyer to assist organizations in making their events more inclusive. I had an event to encourage different cultural orgs to collaborate and plan events with each others members to promote students to branch out of their groups and make friends. In AASU I promote an event called BSO Thanksgiving where all the black student organizations come to together and celebrate the accomplishments of black students in the fall semester.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, what would you like others to know about you?
My process to promote diversity and inclusion is a continuous process where I constantly educate myself on different identities and learn how to best assist them. You can't stop growing in being an ally/activist for others. There's so much to learn and the more you learn the better you be in making areas more inclusive. As well you will make mistakes in as an ally. I made multiple mistakes, but I learned from them and have continuously improved in making campus more inclusive.